The 5 most popular lipsticks in 2020 are predicted to be a woman’s favorite!

Towards the end of 2019, many people are curious about what trends will be popular next year. Starting from the color trends, clothing, lifestyle, to beauty too much in the spotlight. Talking about the world of beauty, it’s not complete if you don’t find out about what color lipstick will become a trend in 2020. […]

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How do novice choose eye shadow and draw eye shadow makeup?

For many girls, in the process of makeup, there is always worry about how to choose eye shadow? How to choose one that suits you? For example, there are only one or two in an eyeshadow palette, favorite and commonly used colors, the other colors are barely used.     For these two colors, We […]

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Essentials for Novice Makeup, Detailed Raiders of Beauty Blender

Why do we need to choose the Beauty Blender? Base makeup is the soul about the whole makeup, due to it could decide the visual effects of one makeup. And the beauty blender could make the base makeup much better than the brush and finger. Also, its application is wide, it could be used with […]

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