The 5 most popular lipsticks in 2020 are predicted to be a woman’s favorite!

Towards the end of 2019, many people are curious about what trends will be popular next year. Starting from the color trends, clothing, lifestyle, to beauty too much in the spotlight. Talking about the world of beauty, it’s not complete if you don’t find out about what color lipstick will become a trend in 2020. Yes, it is undeniable that lipstick is an important component to support the appearance of women. No wonder so many beauty enthusiasts are made curious about the upcoming 2020 lipstick color trend! If you are also curious, see more here, let’s together!

Nude colored Lipstick

In 2020, nude lipstick is predicted to still be a favorite for women. The reason, nude lipstick is the perfect choice for those of you who love the natural makeup look. In addition, lipstick with nude color can also be combined with even bold makeup

Lipstick with Fuchsia color

If you want a warmer look, you can use fuchsia colored lipstick which is also expected to be the 2020 trend for lipstick. Fuchsia lip gloss will make your look warm and cheerful.


This color lipstick is also suitable for those who like to appear with no makeup makeup look or minimalist makeup. The reason, fuchsia lipstick can provide a brighter and fresher facial effect immediately. In order to look more on point, you can daub lip gloss, to make a glossy lips look that will also be popular next year.


Two Toned Lipstick

If in 2018 and 2019 the appearance of ombre lips is very popular, then in 2020 the appearance of two toned lipstick is predicted to be a new beauty trend that will be favored by beauty enthusiasts.


Almost identical to ombre lips, two toned lipstick also combines two shades of soft lipstick and a brighter one. The difference is, on this look you can use a lipstick color that is equally light or bold, but it has a different tone. In addition, the application is also quite different, where one lipstick color is repatriated on the upper lip and other colors on the lower lip.

Red lipstick

Red is a color of timeless lipstick, as well as in the year 2020 later. Lipstick with a classic red color will be one of the 2020 lipstick color trends that you deserve to try. If during this time you think red lipstick is only suitable for formal occasions, now you need to try to appear confident by using it during your daily activities.

To create an unexaggerated makeup, you can mix red lipstick with a natural makeup look. Besides giving a statement on the appearance, lipstick with this color will also make you look more fresh and mature. Dare to try it?


Metallic Lipstick

As it has been said before, the display of sparkling lips will be a trend in the year 2020 later. In addition to being able to use lip gloss, you can also smooth the lipstick with metallic colors to produce the appearance of a sparkling lips. All the colors of metallic lipstick will also be a trend in next year.

This 2020 lipstick color trend is suitable to be used to attend formal occasions such as dinner or party end of the year, Lho! However, if you want to use metallic lipstick for daytime activities, you should choose soft colors.

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