How do novice choose eye shadow and draw eye shadow makeup?

For many girls, in the process of makeup, there is always worry about how to choose eye shadow? How to choose one that suits you? For example, there are only one or two in an eyeshadow palette, favorite and commonly used colors, the other colors are barely used.



For these two colors, We had to buy the whole eyeshadow palette. So distressed, We want a lot of beautiful and practical colors. But poor girls really can’t afford to buy many eye shadow palettes, so today I’m going to give you solutions for girls who have trouble choosing.



Highly recommended — monochrome eye shadow

The free collocation price is not expensive. The first eye shadow must be monochrome eye shadow.



Why monochrome eye shadow?

Free collocation, break the limitation

Monochrome eye shadow can be paired freely, breaking the limitation of the eye shadow palette. This way you can choose your own special look that suits you.

Reduce color repetition rate, reduce waste

Choose the color that oneself likes to match, the repetition rate of color can drop a lot also reduced waste. It is suitable for some girls with low budgets and difficult choices.

Easy to use

For a few, not quite the novice that can overlay color, buy a good monochrome eye shadow is the best choice undoubtedly, easily begin to use and make your eyes appear divine.



How to choose the color of monochrome eye shadow?

  1. Unmistakable earth colors

First of all, when it comes to color, the earth color (that is, brown) must be the first choice of Asians. Asian contour is not obvious enough, eyes are not deep enough, so the earth color can just create contour sense, let your eyes more vivid and the least prone to error.


Brown eye shadow makeup:

Use light brown base first, besmear the whole eyelid. Dark brown can be used to go up in the fold of double eyelid inside or eye tail part, strengthen eyes, make the eye looks more abstruse. Apply dark brown to the end of the eye and then to the head of the eye. Golden-brown is for all-purpose, can be used for whole eye base and can be used to make bright lower eyelid eye-head or eyeball part. Finish with golden brown shimmer on the eye-head and lower eyelid parts. Simple and daily earth color eye makeup is done.


  1. Essential colors for smoky makeup: Grey + brown

Grey color can change eye form on a certain level, use to draw thick makeup is completely ok, but makeup feels pretty thick. It’s best to pair your daily makeup with other colors, like brown.

Smoky grey + brown makeup:

Apply light brown all over the eyelid area, apply liner, and apply grey shadow at the end of the eye to enhance the look.