Essentials for Novice Makeup, Detailed Raiders of Beauty Blender

Why do we need to choose the Beauty Blender?

Base makeup is the soul about the whole makeup, due to it could decide the visual effects of one makeup. And the beauty blender could make the base makeup much better than the brush and finger. Also, its application is wide, it could be used with the liquid, cream, powder, and also it could be used in the whole face.

The usage
Just make the beauty blender be wet, squeeze the water, and do the work twice or three times until the beauty blender being much bigger than before, finally using the tissue or the cotton pad absorb the water on the beauty blender. Before doing the makeup, just pay attention you need to do the work with pat and press technique instead of rub the skin with random, or it will impact the effect.

The Range of the Application

  • Spherical- Liquid / paste / cushion foundation
  • Sharp cuts-liquid / paste concealer
  • Angled section-loose powder
  • Sharp arc surface-highlight (the texture of the brush is difficult to pick powder can use beauty eggs)

The Standard of Selection

I prefer much more soft, due to it is more friendly to the skin. Also, the hard texture is better in concealer, and it is friendly to the oily skin.

Do not choose the beauty blender which has the coarse stomata, because it has a tough touch, also after making up, the powder could be left trace so obviously.

I love this beauty blender which from Nodtopia, it has the 3 beauty blenders and one beauty blender holder in a gift box. It looks really awesome, and also there are 2 shapes in this box, its beauty blender includes the different shapes which could satisfy the necessity of my makeup. Also, it has the perfect touch feeling, really friendly to my skin. The holder which included in the box could keep your beauty blender clean after using. Click here if you want to own it!

Oh, there is one suggestion, do not forget to clean the beauty blender after using even you have the holder, and the time interval is 3 months for once!