Never Look Back Unless You’re Checking The Progress…

2017 has started off in a huge way, its been a hectic few months. The plan, at first, was to hide away and work on finishing ‘Signals’ but some really exciting features have come in with some amazing producers and collaborating with them has been awesome! But now, back to the mixtape which is close to being finished.

Its amazing how many songs it takes to make a mixtape. Signals has been such a journey
but it feels so good to be honest and i guess that’s why its taken me so long to reach this point. Every detail has to mean something. Hands up to my producer who has been working extremely hard to create the music behind these stories & help me achieve a sound i believe to truly be me. It’s amazing to finally hear it all come together. Of course, the most important thing is to have fun, and although it hasn’t been all the time, I’ve loved every second of it!

Can’t wait for the next step.

All my love


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