My Journey in Song Writing

I really don’t know what I’d do without music in my life. So many times I’ve been close to giving up because of being told to “get a ‘real’ job” or that “It’s a difficult industry, there’s no point trying”. But screw all that. What I’ve gained through music means so much more than what money and a ‘real job’ could give me. Most importantly, I’ve found a way to express myself. Something that I’ve struggled to do for so long. Music and my journey in songwriting genuinely keeps me SANE. Without it, I would be so lost. It’s all I know and has become a fundamental part of my life.

It’s taken a lot longer to release my original music than I initially intended and I feel I need to be honest. This is the first year I’ve started writing my own material and it’s been bloody hard! I always wanted my songs to tell a story, to feel like a journey. But. I’ve learnt that songwriting is strange. Most of the time you have zero inspiration. And then, when you least expect it, A song just happens and you’re like “OK, that’s cool, we’ll work with it!”. They literally come out of nowhere!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in this little studio. It’s become my second home. I’ve loved my time here, picking out sounds with my producer that I felt worked with my lyrics, recording countless vocal takes, layering endless harmonies and creating weird sounds with my voice (something I really enjoy doing). And although it’s taken what seems like a lifetime to get these songs out, I’m very close to sharing them with you. Which is something I’ve been wanting for so, SO long!

The first song I will be releasing from Signals is called ‘For You (freestyle)’. The song came together about two months ago now, I came into the studio and listened to a beat my producer had been working on and knew that i had to jump on the microphone and start singing. The song literally wrote itself! The music inspired me so much upon hearing it that I knew what needed to be said straight away!

I wasn’t initially going to release this song first. Being the first song I really felt connected too, I’ve been afraid to show it. I thought it would be a bonus track at best, the added extra at the end of the CD. But, after a lot of thought, I feel that the song has so much emotion and intricate detail, carried in such a simplistic way. It’s something I am genuinely proud of and I know it has to be the first one we get out there. So please keep your eyes peeled for the first track as it is, quite literally, For You.

All my love


Note Back

Please check out my new single “Unstoppable”, a song i am proud to be releasing for 2 charities, Kids Run Free and Young Minds, on the 30th of June 2017. I love songwriting so much and am glad to be able to support these two great causes.

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